The Power of Networking


Explosive growth from the dial in social app Clubhouse has seen more than 11 Million people using the networking platform in the month of February 2021. If you’re curious to see the hype here’s a guide to get-the-most out of this iPhone only app.


– PRO’S –
Growing Your Brand
Learning to Speak Up

The success of Clubhouse is based on the missing element that podcasts could simply not provide which is interaction with the audience, although popular podcasts have millions of listeners, it is still two people (or group) speaking with one another and following a similar string of questions as the previous sessions. Now with hundreds-to-thousands of listeners in a room the group can engage with one another exchange meaningful information with audience members.

With such a creative mix of human capital on one platform its a great way to grow your network! Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Titans join sessions and share insight into what helped their success. They paint a picture for the group of their past, present and future and help us connect to them more intimately.¬† It’s also a great way to step up in the room and ask your question, for those more reserved it gives them an opportunity to public speak, face their fears or overcome nervousness. This is a platform where you can actually reach out to your idol and ask questions that you have been curious about for years.


– CON’S –

Lack of Credibility
Static Noise

With the openness of the conversation anyone on the stage can openly give advice and “chime-in” their point of view. Often at times it’s hard to determine the accuracy or credibility of the speaker and someone can take a meaningful discussion for a tangent nose-dive. With topics centered around investing, real estate and business knowledge we traditionally have found trust in accredited experts within education or noteworthy brokerages with a track-record of success. Whereas now it’s a anything goes policy.

You will find a select group of people who spend all day on Clubhouse, so, learn to strike a balance between engaging in meaningful conversation within the app, and your professional goals in the real world. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of the exponential growth of the app and distract yourself from school, work or appointments with clients. People also get stuck into their “categories” meaning whichever industry they service they only stick to that conversation. With sessions happening weekly, you’ll notice conversations taking a same song different verse track and become stale and repetitive within a short-mid period of time.

Thinking of Joining?

  • Allocate a Time Allowance: It’s easy to loose track of time and join large rooms with A-List members suddenly spend hours listening to dozens of people chatting! Go on with intent and once finished shut it off.
  • ¬†Consider the Information Presented: Value is subjective and people will say anything to pull the spotlight at times, be aware.
  • Moderate: When hosting a room with friends or colleagues get a friend to help co-moderate with you and control the flow of the conversation.

Overall, Clubhouse has potential and can help you learn from others and gain insight, open your mindset and explore with guidance while making connections. Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn as I share more information on real estate networking.

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